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The chef insists on using locally grown rice, fruits and vegetables with saltwater fish and other seasonal ingredients. The delectable cuisine also reflects chef's knowledge on these ingredients.

Customer Review

This building used to be the residence of professor Ma Ting-Ying. We hope that more people will get to know this house from the interesting stories shared during the tour. Visitors may spend additional moments here and relax with the dining options. The revenue also helps support the maintenance and operation of this house so that the management can be self-sufficient, which truly revitalizes this old structure.

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The House

Dining Service

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Whether you are spending a leisurely afternoon alone, or enjoying a table full of feast with friends, we would like to invite you to this historic house to savor the thoughtfully prepared seasonal flavors and enjoy heartfelt moments together.

Lunch / 11:30-14:00

Using local and seasonal ingredients, the meals are freshly prepared with customer's orders.

Afternoon Tea / 14:30-17:00

Offering seasonal sweets and desserts from Japan and the West, enjoy a moment of secluded leisure in Taipei.


Dinner / 17:30-21:00

Enjoy Japanese-style cuisine in a serene, relaxed atmosphere.


Reservation for Chef's Tasting Menu

 (3-day advanced reservation required)

To customize the culinary feast for your special occasion, the ingredients are purchased after the reservation is confirmed.

Wild caught Canadian lobster

The menu is updated periodically to reflect seasonal ingredients from Taiwan.

Lunch & DinnerAfternoon TeaReservation for Chef's Tasting Menu

Time has frozen inside this historic Japanese style structure. Open the doors, and let time flow again. We would like to welcome you to tour and dine in this old house.

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